This article was published on February 21, 2011

Facebook Breakup Notifier is brilliant but creepy

Facebook Breakup Notifier is brilliant but creepy

There’s nothing quite as intriguing as a Facebook relationship status change. Whether you want to make your move on a newly single acquaintance or just have a fascination with the love-lives of your friends, Facebook Breakup Notifier is the app for you.

It’s as simple as this: you log in with your Facebook account, select the friends you’re interested in keeping updated on and you’ll then be emailed every time their relationship status changes.

Created by Californian developer Dan Loewenherz, this idea is so beautifully simple that I’m amazed it hasn’t been done before. Sure, it’s a little creepy but I imagine that it will be hugely popular – and hey, if you’re worried about being stalked maybe you should be more careful about who you approve as a Facebook friend?

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