This article was published on March 1, 2017

This amusing Facebook app makes your friends wait for your messages… forever

This amusing Facebook app makes your friends wait for your messages… forever

Nothing riles me up as much as waiting for slow typers to respond to my Facebook messages – and the worst part about this is having to patiently hold my nerves as I keep staring at the typing indicator in wild anticipation. But this app will help you give sluggish responders a taste of their own medicine.

Available for Mac, Godotify is a hilarious tool for Facebook that lets you master-troll your friends by making them wait for your messages… forever. The amusing app essentially shows the typing indicator to anyone that opens a chat box with you, making it seem as if you’re typing a response – even though you’re not.

As long as you keep it running in the background, Godotify will keep a count on how long you’re friends have been waiting for your responses. It will also send you notifications anytime a new friend gets on the queue.

While similar to the infamous ‘Text in Progress‘ prank for iMessage, Godotify takes the trolling to the next level as it actually simulates typing rather than merely tricking your friends with an animated GIF.

The app was created in collaboration between software engineers Anastasis Germanidis and Iain Nash as part of the Stupid Hackathon, where participants get to build projects that “have no value whatsoever.”

Download Godotify from here and keep your friends waiting for your messages… to infinity and beyond.

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