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This article was published on August 8, 2012

Facebook announces its World HACK 2012 tour dates and destinations

Facebook announces its World HACK 2012 tour dates and destinations

Facebook is packing its things all ready for another hack roadshow. The Facebook World HACK 2012 tour begins at the end of the month and its probably wise to sign up fast if you’re up for it as the site fell over as soon as we found out. (and returned, don’t worry)

The tour runs from August 23 until October 1 and will arrive at the following destinations. AustinMexico CityBarcelonaVancouverWarsawSão PauloBuenos AiresBerlinTaipeiJakartaBangalore,  and Moscow. Click through to register if you’re going to be in those places.

It’s good to see a tour taking in centres of technical innovation that are not all about US or Western advances. No doubt the Facebook engineers on the tour will learn a thing or two on their travels too.

Attendees will hear talks from the Facebook engineers who will be talking through company APIs, Mobile SDKs and Open Graph.

For each event there will be prizes for teams or individuals who make something amazing and anyone hoping to join in can arrive with a pre-formed team or join one on the day.

For a little inspiration, take a look at what happened at the last Mobile Roadshow. It looks as though there’s plenty of fun to be had alongside making something cool.

Details for all of the events can be found here.