This article was published on April 24, 2013

Facebook acquires team behind mobile game engine

Facebook acquires team behind mobile game engine

The team behind mobile game engine has announced that they are heading over to Facebook, while the product will live on independently with co-founder Peter Relan and the YouWeb Incubator team taking responsibility for it. co-founder Ben Savage said his team saw “huge potential” in a closer working relationship with Facebook and expects to have a “larger impact” on the mobile space.

“Facebook will not be acquiring the [Spaceport platform] technology itself, so developers can continue to build and create apps, games, and content unimpeded and with confidence that Spaceport will be around and fully supported for some time to come,” he wrote. is backed by several investors, including BBC Worldwide and YouWeb.

Spaceport offers a free 2D gaming SDK for iOS and Android with additional Cloud LiveTest and Cloud LiveOps services that provide online testing and updating for games.

Image credit: Digital Vision