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This article was published on November 15, 2016

Expert says AI-driven sex robots will blow you… away

Expert says AI-driven sex robots will blow you… away Image by: sakkmesterke/Shutterstock
Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

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The only possible culmination of AI research is packing it neatly inside a synthetic body and having sex with it. Or, at least that’s what some researchers think.

By 2050, sex with robots is predicted to become so commonplace that it’ll overtake human on human intercourse. According to one expert, we’ll all be okay with that because robot sex will be ‘mind blowing.’ But will these robots replace the desire to have sex with, you know, other humans?

Matt McMullen, CEO of RealDoll (NSFW), doesn’t think so. Instead, McMullen thinks the robots will provide a great way to spice up couples’ love lives as well as improve skills in the bedroom. But adding tinder to this fire comes at a cost; McMullen’s sex dolls currently sell for around $5,000 a unit — without AI. Also, let’s be honest here, McMullen’s target demographic isn’t couples.

The company’s new project aims to bring the popular sex dolls into the 21st century. To do this, McMullen and crew are looking to add artificial intelligence to create human-like sexbots. The creation would have a customizable personality and perhaps even a sense of humor — because future us cares about these things in a sex toy.

According to McMullen:

We’re trying to create the desire to have sex beyond the physical. In order for people to find themselves attracted to the AI – she’s really funny, she makes me laugh, she has the same interests as me.

Having sex with the robot is only going to help you with your skills. It will get you to last longer in bed, try different positions and be more adventurous.

Let’s just hope it’s not internet-connected. Could you imagine the drain on your data cap?

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