This article was published on September 9, 2017

Everything there is to know about coding for the web — in one package

Everything there is to know about coding for the web — in one package
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TNW Deals

Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

If you’re going to learn how to code, why wade in halfway? Dive in with reckless abandon and learn ALL there is to learn about programming for the web with the Complete Learn to Code Bonus Bundle, just $54 (over 90 percent off) right now from TNW Deals.

These 12 courses, packing in more than 120 hours of quality instruction, will get you proficient with the building block pieces of designing and constructing for the web. On top of that, this training goes deeper, examining real world impacts on web development like cloud computing and social media.

With instruction in practices like HTML and CSS (Learn by Example: The Foundations of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, Build Professional Websites with HTML5 and CSS3, Total Web Development Course), you’ll build rock-solid fundamentals. Courses covering Ruby on Rails (The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course), Python (Python Tutorial: Learn by Coding) and database building (An Introduction to MySQL Database Development) will take your abilities to new heights.

Meanwhile, you’ll also dig into more specialized development projects like working with social media (Learn Web Development by Creating a Social Network), app building (PHP OOP and PDO with Projects for Beginners), programming for the cloud (Learn Cloud Computing From Scratch) and more advanced coding frameworks (AngularJS for the Real World, Build Web Apps with ReactJS and Flux).

You’ll even get background on how teams can work together on coding projects cleanly and efficiently (Git Complete: The Definitive Step-by-Step Guide).

It’s a veritable avalanche of training resources, and rather than paying full price (nearly $1,500), you can get them all for only $54 while this offer lasts.

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