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This article was published on March 30, 2018

    Ever wanted to create animation, but didn’t know how? This program makes it easy

    Ever wanted to create animation, but didn’t know how? This program makes it easy
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    Who hasn’t wanted to create their own animation? The creative possibilities are off the charts. And the practical uses for building animated sequences are equally boundless. From promotional materials to how-to videos to social media confections, animation can tell a story as simply and succinctly as any medium.

    Problem is, the process of creating animation has historically been time-consuming, labor intensive, and technically beyond most of our skill sets.

    However, Animatron is trying to break down those barriers — and with the resources of their Animatron Studio Pro ($49.99, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals) at your disposal, your options for creating and using top-flight animation for business, media, and other online presentations are vastly expanded.

    Rather than tackling the artistic and coding steps in generating digital animation, Animatron focuses on simplifying that process. Using thousands of pre-created drag-and-drop characters, objects and backgrounds, even novice users can fashion a complete animated sequence in a matter of minutes.

    Using Animatron’s intuitive interface, more than half a million royalty-free video, audio and image assets can be fully customized to create an explainer video, animated web banners, social media clips, and more.

    Animatron also gives you access to your own vector drawing tools, allowing you to create elements from scratch to integrate into your projects. The platform lets you share and collaborate with teammates in real time, then export your work in a host of formats viewable on nearly any mobile or digital venue.

    A $1,000 value, a lifetime of access to Animatron Studio Pro’s array of features is on sale an a massive discount, only $49.99.

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