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This article was published on May 23, 2021

Ever heard of Microsoft PowerShell? If you know systems, you need to — and this training can help

Ever heard of Microsoft PowerShell? If you know systems, you need to — and this training can help
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TLDR: The Microsoft PowerShell Certification Bundle includes three courses in using this powerful Microsoft program for automating and streamlining IT admin functions.

Microsoft is a lot more than Word or Excel. Heck, there’s a whole galaxy beyond PowerPoint too. As hard as it may seem to believe, there are even Microsoft apps that aren’t a part of the Office productivity suite.

Apps like Microsoft PowerShell. For the uninitiated, PowerShell is one of those programs you probably wouldn’t even think about, let alone use. But if you’re an IT expert, a system admin, or someone who knows their way around a command prompt, then PowerShell might be one of the most valuable pieces of software around for automating and streamlining your daily workflow.

The courses in The Microsoft PowerShell Certification Bundle ($19, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals) can introduce users to everything that PowerShell has to offer, including the PowerShell language that can help any heightened user make better use of all Microsoft-based systems.

This three-course package is a true behind-the-scenes exploration of this ultra-resourceful tool, guiding first-time users through basic commands and abilities before steering that knowledge into how to customize and automate those daily admin chores so they don’t eat up your valuable time.

With Learning Task Automation Using Windows PowerShell, students get up close and personal with PowerShell, examining how an IT professional can get started using Windows PowerShell scripting. From automating small tasks and improving efficiency, the training ramps up into how to handle more advanced tasks.

Next, Advanced Scripting and Tool Making Using Windows PowerShell furthers those skills, allowing students to explore the full reaches of PowerShell’s power in real world situations. Users learn how to use PowerShell to interact with databases, pull reports, build GUIs, and even do in-depth data scraping and programming, all right from PowerShell.

Finally, Active Directory (AD) Management Using Windows PowerShell puts a bow on all this learning, including advanced script writing that lets users simplify and automate tedious tasks by stringing several commands together at once. That’s especially true in working with Windows Active Directory, including using its hundreds of customizable commands to your advantage. 

Each of the courses in The Microsoft PowerShell Certification Bundle is valued at $200, but as part of this collection, all three are available now for a whole lot less, just $19.

Prices are subject to change.