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This article was published on September 27, 2008

Ep4: Companies Who Make Money: Datapresser

Ep4: Companies Who Make Money: Datapresser
Steven Carrol
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Steven Carrol

Steven is a web applications developer, living in south of France, originally from London. His current project is In the nin Steven is a web applications developer, living in south of France, originally from London. His current project is In the nineties, he was a designer / director of a highly successful design, manufacturing and distribution company (Intimidation).

Many of you have been surprised by the sheer number of articles that we have been publishing on TheNextWeb recently so I’m going to let you into a little secret on how we managing it. It’s all due to a new piece of software that we oversaw a Techcrunch writer using (we wont say which one – see if you can guess) at the TC50 conference called Datapresser.

Industrial espionage is common in all businesses and we feel it is important in the blogsphere to do anything we can to “keep up with the Joneses”. Thus upon seeing TC using it and curious as to its functionality we forthwith conducted a due diligence investigation.

Once we set up this software, we were astonished to see that its function is to create articles for blogs automatically. Yes believe it or not, this tool uses the latest technology to create unique articles for WordPress. All you have to do is select a topic of interest, add in a few links you would like to be included in the article and press go.

So how does it work? It uses something called Mad-Lib (pattern replacement) technology which works like this:

{|Custom|Suzy, Sally, John, Jacob}
{|Custom|is, was, will be, wants to be}  
{|Custom|a Doctor, a Nurse, an Actor, an Acrobat}

Here are the results of that Mad-lib script

John wants to be a Nurse.
Sally was a Doctor.
Suzy wants to be an Acrobat.
Jacob wants to be an Actor…etc.

Now what Datapresser does is take this process to a whole new level, not only do they have a massive database that you plug straight into which allows you to mix and match content until your hearts content but also they have a number of other tools which when used in conjunction with Datapresser, further enhance the uniqueness of the articles.

“Wellscripted content made by Datapresser can pass human inspection by Google or anyone else!”

It’s a numbers game

Many might ask what is the point of creating so many articles, well if you was a diligent TC reader you would have noticed the recent article on TC, entitled The More You Post, The Higher You Rank. See it’s a numbers game.

“The more you post, the more chances there are that someone else will link to one of your posts. (Technorati rank is based on the number of recent links to your blog).”

Remix the top ten

So while we’re happy that our visitor numbers are rising rapidly we also realize the only hope we have in this race is to use the same software as the major players in order to keep the quantity equal to theirs. So for the last two weeks all the articles we’ve published have been made using it and we’ve had really good results, plus no one has even noticed!

Even this article your reading was made using Datapresser (with only a few tweaks as it tends to go on and on about itself).

What we have done is set it up to automatically read the rest of the main blogs in the morning, then Datapresser rehashes the theme of the top 10 articles and recompiles these into unique blog posts on the same topic. It’s bloody marvelous. It means that we can set it to publish 10 or even 20 articles a day while we sit back and got on with other work.

It’s what all the top blogs are doing these days but they’d never admit it, as once the cat is out of the bag everyone will be at it…

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