This article was published on August 16, 2016

Eon Board adds an electric motor capable of 22 MPH speeds to any skateboard

Eon Board adds an electric motor capable of 22 MPH speeds to any skateboard
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Personal movement devices like Segway’s Mini Pro, hoverboards, and electric scooters are starting to gobble up an increasing amount of marketshare from those that used to walk or ride a bike to work. Eon Board is trying to join their ranks.

Designed by Unlimited Engineering, the board uses a low-drag in-wheel motor and replaceable battery pack to propel a skateboard at speeds of up to 22 MPH with a range of 15 miles on a single charge. Through a system dubbed ‘regenerative braking,’ the board will also be able to partially recharge itself each time you slow down.

Perhaps even more impressively, all of the technology can easily be retrofit to an existing skateboard. The process itself looks rather painless and requires nothing more than some common household tools and about 30 minutes of your time.

Each board also comes with three pre-tuned riding modes: beginner, eco and pro. Beginner mode limits top speed and acceleration while eco allows you to travel further on a single charge. Pro is an all-bets-off solution for those that are looking for a real adrenaline rush.

Or, if you can’t settle on a single mode, you can custom tune your own using the mobile app.

As of this writing, Eon Board has more than doubled its $110,000 Kickstarter funding goal and currently sits at over $262,000 raised. If you want one of your own, they’re still available through the campaign at $408 and Eon plans to start fulfilling orders in March 2017.

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