This article was published on September 10, 2021

Enjoy a bubble of cool with this evaCHILL portable air conditioner and power bank, now under $100

Enjoy a bubble of cool with this evaCHILL portable air conditioner and power bank, now under $100
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TLDR: The evaCHILL EV-500 Personal Air Conditioner cools and humidifiers the air in a room or office, helping combat high temperatures with the huge energy costs.

Summer comes to a close for residents of the northern hemisphere on Sept. 22. Unfortunately, if you think Mother Nature will flip a switch, dial back the heat, and send cooling temperatures our way on Sept. 23, then you probably haven’t been paying attention to October temperatures the past few years. Or November, for that matter.

Across much of the world, the need for quick, easy methods for staying cool are now an almost year round pursuit. Rather than sweltering or running up the cost of central air conditioning, units like the evaCHILL EV-500 Personal Air Conditioner ($99.99, 21 percent off, from TNW Deals) are a practical way of bathing your immediate personal space in comfort.

A 2019 Red Dot Design Award winner, the evaCHILL is an ultra-lightweight, energy efficient personal air conditioner with power that belies its tiny form. In fact, it can cool a space of up to 45 sq. ft. in about 10 minutes. For those trying to work at a desk, relax on the couch, or catch some sleep in bed, it creates a cool, humidified air bubble that can keep users comfortable in even blistering temperatures.

Users just have to fill the water tank, connect to a power supply, set your controls, and sit back as the water spreads evenly through the cooling pads as blown air evaporates the water to lower the air temperature. With evaCHILL’s patented EvaBreeze technology, that dispersal is not only more efficient, it’s actually safer. The inorganic nanofibers combat mold and other bacteria from growing in the unit, producing more breathable air free of allergens that can lead to illnesses.

With the enlarged 800ml water tank, this cooler can run for about 9 hours on a single tank, all while the built-in soft blue LED light casts a calming mode all day long.

This package also comes with an evaBANK power bank, a 10,000mAh power battery that can keep your air conditioner up and running non-stop for a day, all without ever needing to plug in. In addition to powering your cooler, the evaBANK can also charge smartphones and other portable devices. In fact, the dual output feature makes it possible to charge up to two devices at once, so your cooler and phone can power up at the same time.

Right now, the evaCHILL EV-500 Personal Air Conditioner and evaBANK Bundle is on sale at almost $30 off its regular price, down to just $99.99 for a limited time.

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