This article was published on June 6, 2018

End horribly unproductive work meetings forever with Pinstriped, now 90% off

End horribly unproductive work meetings forever with Pinstriped, now 90% off
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It doesn’t take much for a typical work meeting to become one of the low points of your week. Between circular arguments, nebulous action items, and digressions that derail any productivity whatsoever, you often end up staring at the clock and praying an end — or death — will come soon.

If you have to get a collection of co-workers on the same page, wouldn’t it help to actually get them…you know…on the same page? Pinstriped is the uber-organized meeting manager every office needs and right now, you can pick up a lifetime of Pinstriped Premium access for just $39.99, an over 90 percent savings.

With Pinstriped, you won’t be wasting time in those meetings anymore. Before everyone gathers, you set up an agenda, determine times for each topic, attach documents, images, or any other important materials, distribute your timeline and you’re set to go.  

As you meet, you can record decisions made or other actionable points with a single mouse click, all while Pinstriped keeps track of your time and alerts you to help maintain your schedule. Finally, Pinstriped makes it easy to then share follow-up emails with the results of the meeting, including all the highlights and other important results for everyone to follow.

User reaction to Pinstriped is pretty uniform: “How did we ever get anything done doing meetings the old way?”

Right now, you can try out Pinstriped for yourself with this limited time deal to get a lifetime of their premium access, worth $400, for 90 percent off, down to only $39.99.

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