This article was published on September 29, 2017

Employer Demanded Skills and School Grad Skills: Why the Huge Gap?

Employer Demanded Skills and School Grad Skills: Why the Huge Gap?
Sophia Addison
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Sophia Addison

Sophia is an enthusiastic blogger and health and fitness expert. She is very passionate about writing on health, fashion, technology, educat Sophia is an enthusiastic blogger and health and fitness expert. She is very passionate about writing on health, fashion, technology, education, travel etc. She is associated with “Gyanne”.

Latest studies have estimated that the global recruitment market is worth over $200 billion. Apart from that, it has also been reported that over 80% of new businesses across the world die without making even one year in business.

If these two estimations are anything to go by then it’s quite clear than many companies and more specifically the global recruitment market is making much less than it is possible to track. This has been attributed to the huge gap between employer demanded skills and skills that recently graduated higher education students have.

An ideal solution is therefore very important. BitDegree is the perfect solution. So what is BitDegree? This is a simple platform with the best online courses with a blockchain based reward system and achievement tracking.

Additionally, the platform offers a unique option for businesses to recruit tech talent based on innovativeness and to shape prior education system to the needs of their technology and work.
There are so many factors that have caused this wide gap between these two vital aspects of work and education. It is these factors that BitDegree seeks to address and solve once and for all. They include the following.

Educational System Crisis

Firstly our education system is flawed. It is a repetitive system that doesn’t promote creativity and innovation instead it only gives the same educational content for mastery. This is not innovative at all. What employers need today is a transformational system which BitDegree offers, that can easily identify talent and innovativeness and nurture the two to create solutions to problems rather than containing the problem.

Inadequate Funds and Resources

Every successful project, company, and organization requires going that one extra mile to teaching their employees on a skillful solution to problems and practical choices – this costs money. This type of money and resources is what many companies don’t have today, or are not ready to part with. They cannot create in-house training or school-based competitions for more knowledge.

Lack of Practical Opportunities

Think of TV series such as the Big Brain Theory where mechanical students are taught to be problem solvers. The opposite is true. Very few practical opportunities are there to exploit. The governments and also the industrial experts have avoided the task of imparting thought out skills. Today, many people are left to ponder their ideas rather than try them out and determine solutions. BitDegree bridges this gap and offers practical avenues.

Poor Choice of Career and Jobs

Many people have also ignored the need to turn hobbies into opportunities. It has been found that doing what you love is more fulfilling and that the results are far greater than doing what you have been influenced to take up. Many graduates have followed the money rather than their hearts. This has killed their morale, left them in a boring space, and killed their personal innovativeness.

The Cliché/ Common Prejudice

Everyone is running away from the dirty jobs. Not because the jobs are not well-paying, but because they want to look classy, sophisticated, and stylish. Well, the truth is many white and blue collar jobs are only repetitive. Your innovative self is exploited only on the dirty jobs. Tech-based jobs such as those found on BitDegree offer the same and make the difference. What we love would easily inspire us to exploit more of our capabilities than doing what the society considers as “ideal.”

Looking at these five points you will realize that the death of innovation has been heightened by lack of a proper bridge to join what we consider sane and what we would love to endeavor in. Creating a technological bridge would trigger our discovery and build great choices for every single soul out there.

There are few technological systems such as BitDegree that have become the answer to shape global education according to businesses needs. Such systems are the way forward for tech students who want to bridge this gap.


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