This article was published on August 5, 2011

eBay now has a section for the most re-tweeted and liked products on its site

eBay now has a section for the most re-tweeted and liked products on its site

If you have the same fascination with the wild, wacky and interesting things that pop up for auction on eBay as we do then you’re going to love the site’s new Top Shared section. It was introduced just a couple of days ago via Twitter and has been getting some love from Twitter users for the way that it is highlighting some celebrity auctions for charity.

The page offers you a list of the auctions that have gotten shared the most via Facebook, Twitter and email, giving you a snapshot of the ‘most interesting’ auctions on the site. You can choose to see today’s auctions or the most interesting in the last month. If you’re only interested in stuff that you can actually buy, you can limit it to only available items as well.

The section looks like it could be a fun one to check out to see what stuff people are actively sharing with their friends which, if the current crop is anything to go by, is a mix of celebrity memorabilia, quirky clothing and items with exceptionally hilarious descriptions.

One of the featured items in today’s list is a Shoe Revolt auction that is selling off a pair of Keds autographed by Kristen Stewart to combat human trafficking.  This particular auction has been shared over 2,000 times on Facebook alone and a Twitter search reveals hundreds of recent shares, many from the Top Shared page itself.

This looks like an interesting tool that could help build some buzz around super-popular items like memorabilia or smaller, quirky auctions that have some intrinsic share value. There are shareable items like this “Sell the Dodgers!” sticker, disturbing homemade stuff like this knit Chthulu balaclava and more mainstream yet expensive items like a private concert with Incubus.

I’m not sure how effective this will be in helping you get your shopping done, but if you love trolling eBay for odd or interesting auctions, the Top Shared page should help you find them easier.