This article was published on June 16, 2016

Duuoo helps improve your 1-on-1’s with your team

Duuoo helps improve your 1-on-1’s with your team
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What is Duuoo and how did it start?

Duuoo which gives managers the foundation they need to lead happy teams. It makes you a better manager by embracing real human connection.

We combine the virtual and physical worlds through our Slack assistant that facilitates 1-on-1 sessions between manager and employee. We guide you before, after and under the session. Preparation and talking points are handled through our Conversation Engine™ that understands the context and needs of each employee.

Our mission is to build a tool that will augment managers by facilitating human interaction at scale, providing managers with training and recommendations necessary to unlock the true value of each employee.

Can you talk a little bit more about the challenges distributed companies face these days?

We are focusing on both distributed and non-distributed teams. What we have found from our customer discovery is that a lot of managers are in fact not very good at managing. 70% of people leave their manager, not their job. Scary statistics – especially because the effect of this is a high employee turnover, which is a very costly affair.

According to a CAP study [PDF] the cost of replacing a $40k employee is $8,000.

Why is this? Because most managers are promoted for their technical skills, not their leadership abilities. Managing is often seen as a ‘soft’ skill which is hard to quantify and therefore improve. With Duuoo we hope to help managers become better by offering them a ‘helping hand’.

All of these problems are 5x’ed in distributed teams. Less communication, no ability to read body language, no watercooler etc. Managing people working remote is a much harder task and something that we really can help improve with Duuoo.

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Are there any concrete examples you can give on how Duuoo has helped managers?

The combination of auto-scheduling and talking points just removes so much friction for the manager.

One of our first beta customers is the CEO of a startup with 33 employees. He has always done 1-on-1’s with his team, but on a much more ad-hoc basis. This lead to many conversations with outspoken employees and less with those who are more introverted by nature.

By using Duuoo, and putting a framework on top of his activities, he now has a much more structured ‘auto-pilot’ approach – he makes sure he meets everyone, asks the right questions and enter action items into the system so he has a history.

One of the insights he had was from an otherwise quiet employee. After talking for a bit and creating rapport with the employee he confessed that he thought a particular feature she was building was a waste of time and that it did not fit into the vision of the company. The CEO brought this up in a separate meeting. It was decided that the feature should not be a priority, which turned out saving the company a lot of cash and making the employee feel heard. A win-win!

What’s the long-term vision for Duuoo?

To help companies become people-first workplaces, by giving managers the tools they need to lead happy teams.

Visit to learn more.

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