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This article was published on April 28, 2010

    Dutch location based service Feest.je gets ready to party

    Dutch location based service Feest.je gets ready to party
    Edo van Royen

    The tech community has been buzzing with talk about location based services like Gowalla and Foursquare. These internationally oriented startups want to conquer the world by cleverly using smartphone’s capability to be location aware. Feest.je (‘Feestje’ is Dutch for party) has a different take: Location based services should be local by definition.

    Is local the name of the game?

    By smartly focusing their efforts locally, Feest.je hopes to build an experience that benefit users, spot-owners and event organizers alike. “Most people check in, meet up and discover spots in their own city or area, so it makes more sense to have a local network.” In line with this locally focused strategy, Feest.je proudly announced their first major partnership with Dutch online and offline media publisher (Boomerang) and are looking to expand their base of partners.

    Functionality and mobile applications

    With Feest.je a user can:
    – Check in at a spot to score points & medals
    – Rate a spot based on it’s atmosphere
    – Follow friends to see their whereabouts
    – Become the king of a spot and build a kingdom
    – Discover popular spots in his/her city

    Besides launching a full-fledged webplatform, Erik Huisman and Aldert Greydanus (Feest.je’s founders) have built a matching iPhone app and a mobile version for Android, Blackberry, Nokia and Palm.

    Disclaimer: Feest.je is a The Next Web incubator startup.

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