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Drawp: A kid-friendly social drawing app for iPad

Drawp: A kid-friendly social drawing app for iPad
Paul Sawers
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Paul Sawers

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With the likes of Draw Something going from strength to strength, and alternatives arriving by the barrel-load, it seems that almost any activity can be made a social experience with nothing more than a smart device and an Internet connection.

Now, Drawp is throwing its hat into social drawing ring, with a neat kid-focused iPad app that lets young ‘uns share their doodles only with those in their parent-approved network.

The founders say they created the app to help address “the need for parents, family, and friends to remain involved and responsive in all aspects of a child’s life.”

Ana Albir and Kunal Jham, the good folks behind Drawp, point to a report from AARP, that says around half of grandparents live more than 200 miles from their grandchildren, which is one factor that makes them believe Drawp is plugging a real gap.

How it works

When you first launch the app, you’ll be invited to sign-in or create an account, neither of which are essential to start drawing, though if you’re looking to unlock the app’s full social features you will need to create an account.

It’s actually a very nicely put-together app, and is responsive to the touch…which is obviously what the iPad is all about. Swipes and taps are the order of the day here, with a revolving palette letting you change color with ease.


Kids can choose their own profile, while parents can decide who to add to their network.


Once a sketch has been finished, they simply drag it to whoever they wish to share it with, and the recipient receives a notification.


This isn’t just a one-way process though – remember, it’s a social drawing app. As such, the parent/friend/grand parent can add color to a drawing, and even record an audio snippet, before sending it back to the creator. And a key addition here is the ability to email pictures too – which opens it up to all those folk without an iPad.

While the app itself is free, in-app purchases open up a slew of new painting tools, letting kids use Mega Pixels, Mess Monsters, Rainbow Ribbons, Retro Mix and more to mix things up a little bit. These range from $0.99 to $1.99 each, or you can buy the full suite of add-ons for $12.99.


In addition, the app also works offline, which is good news for kids in transit or any scenario sans Internet connection.

So, if you’re comfortable handing your iPad to your kid(s) to keep them amused, then Drawp could be a good addition to your armory of apps.

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