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This article was published on February 16, 2014

‘@DrawnYourTweet’ just became one of our favorite accounts on Twitter

‘@DrawnYourTweet’ just became one of our favorite accounts on Twitter Image by: NICHOLAS KAMM

Twitter isn’t just about breaking news and serious stuff, there’s plenty of fun and other light-hearted activities to be found (see: 10 brilliant and barmy Twitter accounts you should know about), and also — on some occasions — examples of real creativity.

@DrawnYourTweet is one that falls into the latter basket. It does exactly what the handle suggests, tweeting drawings that characterize thoughts from a few (lucky) people whose tweets have been selected.

Despite just sending just 19 tweets, it has picked up nearly 4,000 followers at the time of writing, here are a few reasons why:

How we all feel sometimes:

And probably my favorite so far:

Thumbnail image via Nicholas Kamm / Getty Images