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This article was published on July 14, 2021

Don’t sleep on these 10 cool gadgets for getting the most out of your summer

Don’t sleep on these 10 cool gadgets for getting the most out of your summer
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: Check out the deal of these 10 summer essential items, on sale now at prices up to 60 percent off.

It isn’t too late. We’re barely into July yet. There’s still plenty of summer left. Which means there’s also still plenty of time to pick up and get some heavy use out of these 10 summer essential items before the fall months start rolling our way.

And with this stuff on sale at up to more than 60 percent off, you’ll still have plenty of cash left over for all those fun summer excursions. Heck, you could probably even enjoy most of these cool purchases during the rest of the year too. Summer is a state of mind, after all.

MowRo RM24 Robot Lawn Mower


There’s too much fun stuff to do in summer to burn daylight on yard work like mowing the lawn. Therefore, this handy robo-mower does the job for you. With an impressive 2,900 RPM motor, easy-to-use interface, auto-stop safety features, and a fully programmable mowing pattern, this cord-free, environmentally friendly, ultra-quiet mower can keep your lawn looking like a green at Augusta 24/7/365 all by itself.

Get the MowRo RM24 Robot Lawn Mower for $849.99 (Reg. $999)

Exputt Real-Time Putting Simulator


Admit it…your short game could use a little work. No problem. This simulator is like having a coach rounding your putting into shape. With a putting mat, putter, and a camera, this system connected to your TV, gauges your actual putting form, that translates it into the digital world with appropriate distances, trajectories, slopes and weather conditions to make it feel shockingly real.

Get the Exputt Real-Time Putting Simulator for $359.10 after code EXPUTT10 (Reg. $399)

Pocket Shot Pro Arrow Kit Combo 


For the active hunter and outdoorsman or even the backyard champion, this set is as manly — and handy — as it gets. Rather than using a full sized bow, this modified slingshot style device blasts arrows with serious procession. And make no mistake — this is no toy. The Pocket Shot can rip an arrow through the air at up to 170 feet per second with enough force to take down even medium-sized game.

Get the Pocket Shot Pro Arrow Kit Combo for $99 (Reg. $139)

Wireless HD Endoscope Camera


Need to check behind the water heater or see what kind of obstruction is blocking that pipe? The cam can handle the job. Easily syncing via WiFi to your smartphone, mobile device, or even a home PC, this semi-rigid, 16.5 ft flexible cable with an adjustable 8 LED lighting array can help you snake a look under even the tightest and darkest of conditions. Stream your images live or even record them in high definition so you know the full extent of what you’re dealing with.

Get the Wireless HD Endoscope Camera for $49.99 (Reg. $129)

Lamp Depot Minimalist LED Spiral Floor Lamp


It looks more like a pole in the corner than a light. But when you fire up this baby, your living room or other space enjoys LED lighting with over 16 million colors, over 350 different lighting effects, and variable lighting levels to achieve just the room vibe you want. And the minimalist item even uses 90 percent less power than standard incandescent or halogen lamps.

Get the Lamp Depot Minimalist LED Spiral Floor Lamp for $89.99 (Reg. $199)

Apple AirTag Protector Case


AirTags are awesome for making sure your keys and other essential items are tracked and never leave your possession. But this protector case can make sure this Apple darling never suffers scratches, dents, or even water damage out there in the big, bad world. Made from strong TPU and PC material, the lightweight design adds almost no weight to your carry, yet assures your valuable tech stays protected and functioning.

Get the Apple AirTag Protector Case for $14.95 (Reg. $29)

Rexing H6 Dual Camera Trail Cam


If you want to know if animals or even other people have been your property, this rugged, yet blisteringly sharp camera can give you your answer. With a 4K Ultra HD cam working during the day, and an FHD infrared enabled cam going at night along with audio recording, you’ll capture brilliant images or video of anything that crosses the cam’s path. Illuminating subjects at up to 65 feet away in low light, and with no click sound to scare animals away, this is the way to see the deer, squirrels, or even a nosy next door neighbor that’s trodding into your space.

Get the Rexing H6 Dual Camera Trail Cam for $249.99 (Reg. $269)

Naztech N980 BT Over-the-Head Headset with Base


The wireless headset doesn’t only serve up best-in-class audio so you can hear your music or phone conversations clearly, but it’s also got a noise-cancelling boom mic that eliminates background sounds so you’re just as crystal clear when you speak. Compatible with mobile devices, gaming consoles and more and sporting a rechargeable battery good for up to 15 hours, the adjustable overhead design, plush memory foam ear cup, and flexible headband also make this unit comfortable for even long sessions.

Get the Naztech N980 BT Over-the-Head Headset for $49.99 (Reg. $59)

Ninja Dragon J10X Wi-Fi RC Quadcopter Drone 


Take to the skies with this nifty drone aircraft that checks all the boxes a quality drone pilot needs. The 6-axis gyroscope, headless design, three flight speed levels, and finely calibrated controls make this drone a joy to fly, even while the 1080 HD resolution camera shoots high definition images and video from all kinds of fantastic angles.

Get the Ninja Dragon J10X Wi-Fi RC Quadcopter Drone for $99 (Reg. $199)

Waterproof Outdoor Camping Military Backpack 


If you’re hiking, camping, hunting, or just enjoying the great outdoors, this military-grade backpack made from high-quality 600D Oxford cloth is tough, tear-resistant, and built to survive. Inside, the 70L large capacity main cabin and four large hanging systems and pockets leave plenty of room for all the essentials, all while the breathable, padded, ergonomic shoulder strap pads create better ventilation, decompression, and an all-around easier burden on the carrier. It’s even got an emergency lifeguard whistle too.

Get the Waterproof Outdoor Camping Military Backpack for $59.99 (Reg. $99)

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