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This article was published on January 3, 2011

Don’t Miss Schweppes’ Stunning New Facebook Profile App

Don’t Miss Schweppes’ Stunning New Facebook Profile App

You’ve probably seen lots of different people playing around with their profile photos on Facebook since the new profile designs were rolled out creating lots of customized versions to add something extra to their page. I’m not sure if it is something that Facebook did intentionally but with the new design, users have jumped on this opportunity to create fun images and spice up their pages. It does involve a but of work though to resize images and play around with the design but one brand, Schweppes, has spotted the opportunity and quickly rolled out an app to help you do this easily via their Facebook page. Here is the video that explains…

I love this quick thinking and in a world where every brand under the sun is trying to create apps that will boost likes and capture data this is a helpful tool that will keep people coming back to the app and telling their friends about it. The only slight cloud on the horizon is that this messes with the Facebook experience and that is something that Facebook themselves often clamp down on so will be interesting to see how long this app is around for. But for now, try it out here.

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