This article was published on October 3, 2018

Don’t just write a book — publish it too and make some residual income. You can learn how for just $29

Don’t just write a book — publish it too and make some residual income. You can learn how for just $29
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

For decades, energetic, driven young scribes have worked to write the Great American Novel. Often, just hammering out an idea for a book is rough enough. So what happens after you’ve finally written it? How do you make sure anyone will ever even have the chance to read your pearls of brilliance?

The answer is to just publish the darn thing yourself. That can seem like a daunting prospect, but once you dig into the training in the e-Book Publisher bundle ($29, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals), you might just be ready to become a one-person publishing empire.

Over 12 courses, you’ll be equipped with practical skills to help you translate your thoughts and ideas into a legitimate book. And this instruction goes a step further to help you tackle what comes next, including guidelines for self-publishing, getting your work into the Amazon Kindle environment, and even how to start getting paid for your written work.

The courses include:

  • How To Write A Book In Two Weeks (a $199 value)
  • Kindle Publishing Income Streams (a $199 value)
  • Kindle Publishing eBook Selling (a $199 value)
  • The Four Week Self Publishing System (a $199 value)
  • Amazon Kindle Best Seller (a $199 value)
  • Create Your First Kindle Book (a $199 value)
  • Becoming A Writer (a $199 value)
  • How To Write A Book (a $199 value)
  • How You Can Become An Epic And Prolific Writer (a $199 value)
  • The 7 Best Ways To Get Paid As A Writer (a $199 value)
  • Write A Great How-To Book Fast (a $199 value)
  • Fiction Writing: Write and Publish Your First Novel (a $199 value)

This training goes beyond grammar and themes of writing, helping to shape the mindset of a writer as well as the business savvy to make sure their work is seen and appreciated. A nearly $2,400 value, get all the know-how you need to never need a publisher again for only $29.

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