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This article was published on August 6, 2021

DNA My Dog gives you the full 411 on your canine’s genetic makeup

DNA My Dog gives you the full 411 on your canine’s genetic makeup
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TLDR: The DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test can give you all the inside scoop on your dog’s insides, the genetics and health tips that can keep them happy and healthy for years.

You may be married. You may have a significant other. You may have a child. You may have several children. Your life may be packed to the rafters with family, friends, co-workers, and others to help fill your days. 

But admit it — there are times when your favorite living thing on the planet isn’t a human. It’s that buoyant, energetic bundle of fur and enthusiasm who hates when you leave, can’t wait for you to get home, and would gladly spend every minute of the day with you if you’d let them.

But considering a quarter of the dogs living in U.S. households today were shelter adoptions, there’s a good chance you know precious little about what’s inside the creature who cares so much about you. With a DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test ($50, 36 percent off, from TNW Deals), you can correct that error.

If you’ve ever taken a DNA test yourself, then you know the procedure. Just swab the DNA My Dog applicator inside your dog’s cheek, bag it, and send it in for your results. About two weeks later, you’ll get back a detailed breakdown on your dog, a canine biography that uncovers everything you didn’t know about the exact genetic makeup of your pooch.

And this isn’t just for idle curiosity either. Knowing about your dog’s background can offer all kinds of vital information about your pal’s potential genetic health concerns, the diseases the breed could be susceptible to, and all the personality and behavioral traits that breed is known for.

Armed with your dog’s DNA, you’ll have an inside track on doing what you could never do before: help combat health problems before they become problems. You can tailor your dog’s diet to help supplement deficiencies or be on the lookout for illnesses or medical conditions that could lead to long-term issues.

A winner of 2020 DogWellNet.com and GHP Biotechnology awards, the DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test is now available at over 35 percent off the regular price, offering a roadmap to your dog’s future health and happiness for just $50

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