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This article was published on November 17, 2010

    Disqus Launching New Features Thursday

    Disqus Launching New Features Thursday

    Update: Disqus has announced the details of the updates in a post on their blog.

    Connecting 200 million people a month across 500 million websites and blog (including my own personal blog), Disqus is launching a slew of new features on Thursday. According to SAI, the features are said to include:

    • New look-design.
    • New management dashboard (yay!).
    • Pro features that users can upgrade to for between $20 and $200 a month. Features like:
      • analytics,
      • single sign-on for other sites
      • more robust theme editor
      • moderation logging and reporting
    • New, enhanced API for things like mobile apps.

    While we’ll have to wait a few more hours until all the new features are live, but I think the bigger picture here is that more sites that are providing us with valuable add-ons to our social media life are moving to a freemium model. HootSuite is offering Basic and Pro, now Disqus, is on that track as wel as is Instapaper, Simplenote, and Xmarks. Personally, I think it’s about time. We’ve gotten a lot of value from these apps over the past years. Running, developing, supporting, and improving these apps require resources—resources that cost real money.

    Am I going to pay for Pro features in all the services I use? Nope, I don’t need the Pro services for all things I use. But Instapaper? Simplenote? Xmarks? Oh yeah. Those are on my list of apps to support.

    What freemium apps are on your: “I want to pay for to get more” list?