This article was published on May 13, 2010

Digg’s Rose True To His Word: They’re Hiring

Digg’s Rose True To His Word: They’re Hiring

When Digg CEO Kevin Rose posted a message last week that Digg was making the hard decision to lay off 10% of its (mostly non-technical) staff, he promised that they were still hiring. Sure enough, Digg is hiring for 8 engineering positions, one marketer and one product person.

The engineering positions are especially interesting as Digg seems to be working on many fronts at once. They’re looking for lead software engineers for their website, API and mobile applications, as well as a few people to work on their backend systems.

These positions seem to indicate that Rose (who just reclaimed the CEO title) is pushing for greater emphasis on not only creating better mobile apps, but also trying to spur on their developer community with a better API, all while continuing finalize the (now long anticipated) homepage redesign.