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This article was published on November 11, 2010

Digg adds curated breaking news to its front page

Digg adds curated breaking news to its front page

Digg is making a strong move for relevance today by adding a new ‘Breaking News’ feature to its website. Unlike other front page content, the stories in the breaking section are not chosen by the community, but are instead picked by Digg staff.

This allows Digg to get content that needs to be showcased quickly past the usual voting process which can be time-consuming, thus making the front page of Digg more useful to the casual reader.

The rest of Digg functions as it has, with users voting stories to the front page. The new module looks like this:

The community seems to like the addition, with the top voted comment on the thread surrounding the change saying the following: “I so Digg it. The Digg v4 experience is becoming interesting again. I hope you guys get the traffic back too.”

We hope the same thing.

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