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This article was published on September 22, 2020

DevOps is an IT buzz title. And if you really want to understand it, this training can help

DevOps is an IT buzz title. And if you really want to understand it, this training can help
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TLDR: The Dynamic DevOps Certification Training Bundle explains everything it takes to be a well-paid, in-demand DevOps engineer.

Just a few short years ago, DevOps as a job title didn’t even exist. Now, it’s one of the most recruited jobs in all of IT. With more than half of companies reporting they’d soon be hiring a DevOps engineer, it’s probably worth understanding what it’s all about or even whether it might be a career option for yourself in the coming years.

In the broadest terms, a DevOp expert is someone versed in all stages of a new product’s lifecycle who can straddle the wall between the often at-odds kingdoms of business development and operations.

That’s not often a simple job. And you can get an immersive view of life in the DevOps world from the training in The Dynamic DevOps Certification Training Bundle ($39, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals).

This collection brings together nine courses, each exploring a different facet in the building, automating and optimizing of development tools and frameworks so products move from idea to reality with as few bumps along the way as possible.

A pair of courses lay the groundwork for your training, with DevOps Training Certification outlining the tools and methodologies, while Puppet Training Certification explores how to automate this process across an entire network.

From that basic understanding, further courses move into how to use some of the most powerful tools for carrying out this DevOps pipeline. From Docker to Ansible to GIT, the training explores how each can speed up and improve the odds of success for each development. There’s even Agile Scrum Master Certification Training, teaching students how to incorporate the most popular Agile project management methodology into their training.

Finally, the training wraps up with three courses at the intersection of DevOps with Amazon Web Services, the world’s biggest and most resource-heavy web services platform. AWS Sysops Associate Certification Training, AWS Technical Essentials Certification Training and AWS Solution Architect Certification Training dig into all three distinct levels of knowledge in executing all the most vital pieces of the DevOps process in the AWS ecosystem.

A package of training valued at $2,500, you can get this complete DevOps overview now for a whole lot less, just $39 while this offer lasts.

Prices are subject to change.

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