This article was published on March 22, 2021

Designtly removes the headaches and mistakes of building a Shopify store by doing it for you

Designtly removes the headaches and mistakes of building a Shopify store by doing it for you
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TLDR: Designtly uses all their Shopify knowledge to create and make sure your new Shopify online storefront is up and running, then teaches you how to run it on your own. 

Did you know there is a company that sells boxer briefs for women? You may not have heard of TomboyX when they got started making less girly clothing designs for women with $76,000 in Kickstarter seed funding back in 2013, but their little Shopify store has tripled in sales since.

How did they do it? Well, that’s the real secret sauce, isn’t it?  

While it never hurts to have a great idea like womens’ boxers, a big piece of a business’ Shopify success can also just come just from knowing the platform, all its hidden features, and how to use them.

Designtly can put you in position to reap all the rewards of a top-notch Shopify digital storefront, but without all the laborious months of trial and error to get there. Right now, Designtly can take all that headache clean out of your hands at almost 75 percent off its regular price, only $250 from TNW Deals. 

Designtly is kind of like the Uber of online retailing. A registered Shopify partner, you can hand the keys to your site creation over to Designtly — and let them do the driving.

Just come to Designtly with what you need. Once they’ve got your website content, product information, and more, they get to work, whipping up a cool online store location that takes full advantage of everything the Shopify platform has to offer. They set up your domain, choose site themes, work out site navigation, everything.

And that means a lot more than just some cool graphics. Designtly will set up all your product collections, payment methods, shipping options, and more. And they promise it’ll all be up and running within 15 business days.

Once your new business has flung open its doors, Designtly’s job isn’t finished. With operations now underway, Designtly will take you behind the curtain, explaining what they did and teaching you how to take the reins and manage this fledgling enterprise all by yourself.

You could usually expect to pay $999 for Designtly to get your new online business on the road, but with the current offer, those services are now almost 75 percent off at just $250.

Prices are subject to change.

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