This article was published on June 4, 2010

Demographics of blogging: Young women dominate (just).

Demographics of blogging: Young women dominate (just).

We just got wind of a particularly interesting study by Sysomos.  The company took an analysis of over 100 million blog posts, and documented their findings.  Some of them are surprising, others not so much.  So let’s dive in and pick them apart.


Bloggers primarily fall into the ages of 21-35 years.  This is likely due to us (and I get to say us, being 32 myself) all growing up in front of computers.  Though the elders of this generation stretch might have been using Tandy computers with cassette drives, we still had computers.

Though we should watch our backs, as the generation just below us, those who are 20 years old or younger, make up 20.2% of the blogging population.


At first I found it surprising that there was nearly a dead split of female to male bloggers.  51% to 49%, to be exact.  However, when you consider how many women are huge in technology, sports and other typically male-dominated areas, it’s rather easy to understand.


The US, unsurprisingly, equates for the great majority of blogging.  We’re a culture that likes to talk, and we apparently like to type as well.  In fact, the US at 29.22% of all blogs has a nearly 23% lead on the UK, the next loudest country.

Within the US, who is making the most noise?  Silicon Valley, of course.  14.1% of all US-based blog posts come out of California.  New York is 2nd in that mark, but holds only 7.16%.

What does it mean?

In an age of media where we’re all striving to do something a bit differently, I’d say that you’re a dead ringer for success if you’re a 36 year old male, from the Netherlands.  Maybe this explains Boris