This article was published on July 10, 2015

Facebook’s name pronunciation tool is your ticket to trolling its ‘real name’ policy

Facebook’s name pronunciation tool is your ticket to trolling its ‘real name’ policy

Like any normal citizen of the modern age, I woke this morning to a daily internet routine: Check my emails, scroll through Instagram and open up Facebook. But today, I received a new prompt. Facebook asked me to hit the “Update Info” button since it appears I haven’t updated my life’s details in a while.

I mean, I didn’t really need to. I like my current cover photo, I still live in New York and I haven’t changed jobs in nearly two years. After hitting a few skip buttons, Facebook asked me to tell the world how to pronounce my name.

I admit I don’t have the easiest name to say (hence, why I use a shortened version for work). As I attempted to phonetically spell out my name, I realized Facebook doesn’t take into account whether the pronunciation actually match my name on Facebook.

In the midst of Facebook’s controversial “real name” policy – which largely affects communities of drag queens, Native Americans, survivors of abuse and many others – I found it ironic and frankly, hilarious, that this is the one feature Facebook hasn’t kept its eyes on.

It’s been nine months since Facebook promised to adapt its policy, and yet we’ve not heard anything concrete.

And sure, in writing this piece, it might prompt Facebook to revise its technology a little more. But perhaps like the issue before it, Facebook will make a half-hearted statement and wait for the news to get pushed to the back burner.

So until then, we can use the tool to show support for those who are still waiting for Facebook to make actionable changes to its policy.

Or troll immensely – it’s your choice. You have to admit it’s strangely fun.

Update: Many people are wondering where this tool is located. Go to your Facebook profile, click About and find the tab “Details About You.” You should see the tool there!

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