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This article was published on December 24, 2018

Day 13 of TNW’s Advent Deals: Sonos, HP, and 23andMe

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire... FUELLED BY DEALS

Day 13 of TNW’s Advent Deals: Sonos, HP, and 23andMe
Deals on TNW

This holiday period, Plugged is running a very special advent calendar. Over the course of 12 days, we’ll be sharing a selection of sweet, sweet deals. You can thank us later.

You know what? We couldn’t just stop at 12 days of TNW advent — we’re going to take it up to 14.

So, on the thirteenth day of TNW’s advent, the lovely team gave to me…

$20 off the Sonos One speaker

You know Sonos, right? The company’s behind some of the world’s most popular smart speakers — and the Sonos One is no exception.

The device is Alexa supported, so you can control it completely with your voice. Plus, syncing a number of Sonos speakers together is simple. All you need is the app.

Let’s put it this way, this speaker could be the ideal present to yourself after a hectic Christmas.

Price: ~$180

World Wide Stereo

$300 off the HP Zbook X2

Yeah, you read that right: $300 off the price of a hybrid laptop. That, friends, is a hefty chunk of cash.

According to HP, the Zbook is “the world’s most powerful detachable PC.” You can judge for yourself the accuracy of that statement, but one thing is clear: the Zbook is a versatile and mighty device.

If you’re a designer who does a lot of intensive work (especially with a touchscreen), the Zbook could be your dream device.

Price: $2,549


$30 off 23andMe ancestry service

For many people, knowing where you come from is important. The key to understanding why you are who you are is linked to comprehending where you came from.

Alternatively, you might just want to know your genetic make-up.

Whichever way it is, 23andMe are running a deal where you can find your ancestry for only $69 – a full $30 off the normal price. This could be a great late Christmas gift for someone in your life.

Price: ~$69


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