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This article was published on January 26, 2010

Daughter finds father on Facebook after 50 years.

Daughter finds father on Facebook after 50 years.

Picture 149Facebook once again proves its worth with a touching story of how a father and his daughter were reunited after 50 years apart.

Frances Simpson was three when her parents split and her father Tony went away.

At the age of eighteen, she started scouring phone books, newspapers and voters’ lists to find her father. Little did she know he had changed his last name to Macnauton to start a new life.

Persistent, she continued to try with little luck, however after a friend with a passion for creating family trees discovered Frances had a half sister, Kim Macanuton, her luck begun to change.

Kim happened to be only a Facebook search away and after sending her a message, Kim replied minutes later with “Do you want to talk to dad? He’s sitting next to me.”

Frozen, but excited, Frances did speak to her father and organised a reunion.

The pair met and Frances introduced him to his grandchildren. The couple have reportedly been inseparable since, attempting to catch up on whatever 50 years apart can do to a father, daughter relationship.

Frances said: “After all these years I’ve finally got my dad back. I don’t have the words to describe how I’m feeling.”

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