This article was published on August 14, 2019

Darwin Mail will tidy up your inbox and keep it clean for $30

Darwin Mail will tidy up your inbox and keep it clean for $30
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TLDR: Darwin Mail automatically sorts, stores and helps keep your email box tidy, all for just $29.99.

At some point next year, experts estimate the number of emails sent around the world each day will surge past 300 billion. With a B. Every. Single. Day.

And some days, you probably feel like at least half of them are landing square in your email box with a resounding thud. Since your daily email haul is all but guaranteed to continue growing, you need tools to help make sure the important stuff doesn’t get lost in the digital avalanche. 

Well, Darwin Mail is your virtual shovel. You can score a lifetime subscription to Darwin Mail’s Pro Lite Plan at over 80 percent off its regular price, only $29.99 from TNW Deals.

If you were a fan of the dearly departed Google Inbox email client, which was a revolutionary reinvention of handling emails, then you’ll quickly see how Darwin Mail is a natural successor. Darwin Mail can automatically sort received emails into separate bundles, allowing you to keep emails about work, home, e-commerce, hobbies and other areas of your life each sectioned into its own single easy to find location.

If you want to handle an email later, just put it on snooze and Darwin Mail will hold it until you’re ready to tackle it. You can set up reminders for your various tasks or deal with bulk functions like sorting or deleting with a simple click. You can even set Darwin Mail to recall emails after you hit the dreaded send button.

Darwin Mail is accessed through Darwin’s website, offering full encryption. That way, you can rest assured that you’re secure while you tidy up your inbox.

Let Darwin Mail help you get a handle on your raucous inbox at a huge saving, over $150 off the lifetime price down to just $29.99. Or you can just sample Darwin Mail on a one-year trial run at an equally giant price cut down to only $9.99

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