This article was published on May 30, 2017

Danny Lopez (Blippar) on How AR & AI Technologies Impact Our Lives Today

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How AR & AI Technologies Impact Our Lives Today

AI is already deeply embedded in our economic infrastructure, and the applications seem endless: Financial institutions rely on it for stock trading and fraud prevention; doctors and hospitals depend on it for diagnoses; it’s what makes driverless cars get where they’re going. AR started having an impact more recently but is already changing the way marketers reach consumers, the way consumers shop and fans engage with their favorite artists. This session will explore what’s next for AI and AR and the many benefits they present.

Danny Lopez


Danny Lopez is the COO of Blippar, the leading technology company specializing in augmented reality, artificial intelligence and computer vision. Prior to joining Blippar, Danny was the British Consul General to New York and Director General of ‘UK Trade & Investment’ in the USA. In this role, Danny was responsible for promoting the UK’s economic profile, foreign policy and national security priorities in New York as well as leading the UK government’s trade and investment offices across the US. Before his diplomatic posting, Danny worked for the Mayor of London’s economic development arm. During this time, he was responsible for creating ‘London & Partners’, the UK capital’s promotional agency for business, visitors and students and was its inaugural CEO.

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