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This article was published on March 2, 2015

CTO of Amazon confirmed for TNW Conference Europe

CTO of Amazon confirmed for TNW Conference Europe
Matthew Elworthy
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Matthew Elworthy

Marketing Manager, TNW Events

There’s no question of Amazon being one of the world’s most important technology companies, which makes its CTO one of the most important players – so it’s with great pleasure that we’re welcoming him to TNW Conference once again to deliver some incredible insight on the company’s groundbreaking activity in recent years.

As arguably one of the most successful technology experts to emerge from the Netherlands, Werner Vogels has been a regular presence at TNW Conference Europe in Amsterdam over the years. He joined Amazon in 2004, when the company was synonymous with the success of internet-based retail – but little more. After a few years under Vogels’ supervision, the company had transformed itself into a leading producer of consumer electronics and digital content, as well as a trailblazer of cloud computing.

With Vogels at the helm of its technology, Amazon has become so much more than ‘just’ an internet retailer. The company has triggered so much change, both in IT and day-to-day life, that half an hour with one of the men behind it can’t be anything less than inspiring.

Catch Werner’s 2012 talk at The Next Web’s CxO Summit below, or check out full details of TNW Conference Europe 2015.

TNW Conference Europe 2015

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