This article was published on July 6, 2018

This exchange lets you make fiat and crypto investments in seconds

This exchange lets you make fiat and crypto investments in seconds
Rebecca Campbell
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Rebecca Campbell

The cryptocurrency industry saw the worst first three months of 2018 when the market capitalization fell from $830 billion in January to under $300 billion at the beginning of February.

Yet, despite the issues regarding regulatory concerns, the potential threat of money laundering, and cryptocurrency exchange hacks, it doesn’t appear to be denting enthusiasm from investors. So much so, that aside from traders putting money into the more popular digital currencies — Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin — they are now turning their attention to other coins to broaden out their portfolios.

And now there may be a solution for investors that makes it easier to do so.

Creating a platform that combines fiat and tokens is a next-generation cryptocurrency exchange that makes fiat and cryptocurrency trading easy and secure. Its user-friendly web platform provides attractive conditions for professionals and offers an option of a mobile app for those wanting to trade on the go.

A basic web version has gone live this month. An advanced professional version of the trading platform with margin trading is planned to be launched in Q3 2018. The official launch of the iOS and Android app took place in March and users can now trade cryptocurrency wherever they are. According to this blog, ‘it’s the first cryptocurrency exchange to combine tokens with easy fiat transactions’ such as Visa and Mastercard deposit options. Wire transfers for Europe are also on allowing for easy and secure trading.

Combining tokens and fiat transactions at the same time, Cryptology’s aim is to provide a user-friendly platform where newbies and experienced traders can use a credit card. Some of the problems that the team are striving to solve include the complexity of fiat transactions, hard-to-get rare tokens, high commissions, sluggish and complicated account verification, inactive customer support, lack of security, and cluttered interfaces, to name a few.

“We strive to create a single platform bringing together fiat transactions and a variety of tokens,” the exchange said. “Complex procedures will become a thing of the past, as users will be able to buy tokens with fiat currencies. Everything you need will be available on a single platform. You won’t have to deal with high commissions on fiat transactions, difficult KYC [Know-Your-Customer] procedures and slow support.”

Cryptology’s key advantage is an agreement with a payment system that permits it to manage fiat transactions in addition to offering its users competitive service fees. Other advantages include a 0 percent token withdrawal fee, 0 percent maker fee for token pairs, fast verification (just 30 seconds), and live support.

The web version is comfortable to use and absolutely intuitive. All the trading operations are secure and easy to carry out both for experts and newbies. Verification is quick and not complicated with support team on 24/7 to immediately handle any issue occurred. Trading with a minimum order size of just 0.01 EUR is open with 100% secure and quick transactions on

Crypto withdrawals fees for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin are charged at 0.0005 and 0.002 for Ethereum. A maker fee will be listed at 0.15 percent and a taker fee at 0.25 percent. There are no minimum deposits and no withdrawal limits. The minimum order size is as low as 0.01 in fiat currency or the equivalent of $0.01 in cryptocurrency.

Delivering a range of tokens on one platform

Operating out of Singapore, the digital currencies users can trade on the exchange are bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash and litecoin. These cryptocurrencies are also paired with the USD, Euro and USDT with more to be added in the future.

Several ERC20 tokens are also available on the exchange for trading, depositing, and withdrawal, with many more to be added. The goal is to offer a wide variety of tokens on a single minimalistic platform in a portfolio that is easy to manage.

With offices being opened in different parts of the globe Cryptology are working at building a truly international exchange. Services will first be offered to users in Europe, with plans to expand to the Japanese and US markets.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to grow, with new investors putting money into the industry, knowing where to go to expand a user’s portfolio is somewhat limited. Cryptology is aiming to fill this gap with their exchange that intends to provide mass access to the space that is fast and easy through a marketplace that caters to their every need.

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