This article was published on February 5, 2018

Cryptocurrency trading got you confused? This startup seeks to solve that through automation

Cryptocurrency trading got you confused? This startup seeks to solve that through automation
Lucas Miller
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Lucas Miller

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Lucas Miller is the founder of Echelon Copy, a digital media agency headquartered in Orem, Utah that helps brands improve their online prese Lucas Miller is the founder of Echelon Copy, a digital media agency headquartered in Orem, Utah that helps brands improve their online presence.

The sudden surge in cryptocurrency’s popularity has left many individuals wondering if they’ve missed their chance to invest. After all, when big name brands like Samsung start manufacturing their own cryptocurrency mining tools, it can be fairly easy to assume that the opportunity to make some serious financial earnings has already passed.

Combine the frequent ups and downs currently associated with cryptocurrency investments with the pre-existing complexities of trading in general, and it can be easy to feel intimidated by the thought of trying to get in on the crypto trade game yourself. Successful trading requires in-depth knowledge, the right resources, and a lot of time. With the cryptocurrency market so volatile, knowing when to buy or sell really does require constant attention — a luxury most people with jobs and families simply can’t afford.

The reality, though, is that it’s not as hard to get into this new way of investing and trading as you might think. You don’t have to dedicate every waking minute to keeping up on the latest cryptocurrency news so you can make the right trades at the right times.

That’s because, thanks to the automation technology developed by startup, we will soon have its place in cryptocurrency trading. With this intuitive trading platform (which supports all major blockchain exchanges), the playing field will be leveled for all investors hoping to benefit from the cryptocurrency boom while still allowing them to actually go out and live their lives.

Build your own strategy

A key component of Kryll’s platform is that it gives users the ability to quickly create their own custom trading strategy. For example, an investor might decide they wish to buy when the market drops by 20 percent. To minimize risk, they might then decide to sell when the market either rises by a similar margin or drops another seven percent. Strategies are fully customizable based on a user’s investment goals.

Rather than requiring complicated coding knowledge to set up an automation loop, the platform allows users to simply “drag and drop” different blocks to set up their strategy. This user-friendly model makes it so even a newbie can formulate a trading strategy in a matter of minutes.

Of course, developing an effective investment strategy is often easier said than done. Kryll further minimizes risks for its users by allowing them to test out their strategy before they start paying to conduct actual trades. Free simulations that use real market data provide a good indicator of whether a particular strategy will be successful.

Users can also give others a helping hand by sharing their trading strategies on Kryll’s community platform. By creating a community where users can share their most effective trading strategies, even those with little investment knowledge can find a solution that will help them meet their investment goals.

Live your life

It’s one thing to craft a cryptocurrency trading strategy that seems like it will generate a profit — but it’s quite another to manage those trades day in and day out. This is what truly sets Kryll apart — it doesn’t merely make it easy for users to formulate or pick an effective strategy, it also keeps that strategy in operation 24/7 by conducting trades on the investor’s behalf.

This means that cryptocurrency investors can take a more relaxed approach to their trading. By using Kryll’s platform to automate their trades, they can have confidence that their investments are proceeding according to plan, even while they’re asleep. As with other automation tools, rather than requiring constant, active monitoring, this trading system instead helps create a passive income flow by continually operating in accordance with one’s desired trading habits.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that investors will abandon their active role in cryptocurrency trading altogether. Kryll also utilizes a mobile app that allows users to check in on their investment status at any time so they can take a look at current results or change their strategies as needed.

With the help of Kryll’s automated trading platform, you don’t have to dedicate all of your waking hours to monitoring cryptocurrency news and staying on top of your data mining strategies. After all, there isn’t much point in getting rich in cryptocurrency if you’re no longer able to enjoy your life.

By using this intuitive platform to keep your trading strategies active even when you’re not constantly hovering over your desktop, you’ll be able to get the results you desire while still making time for the things that truly matter most.

How will you invest?

Automation tools have already made an impact in the work environment and in the home, with startups helping users save time on everything from business meeting scheduling to their bedtime routine. With the help of, cryptocurrency investors will also be able to enjoy the benefits that come from automation technology. Not only will they make more money through smarter trading practices, they’ll also be left with more time to get out and enjoy their life.

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