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This article was published on March 15, 2018

Cryptocurrency News March 15

Cryptocurrency News March 15
Ed Zitron
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Ed Zitron

Ed Zitron is the CEO of EZPR, a Media Relations company based in San Francisco, Boston and Portland. He's written a book called This Is How Ed Zitron is the CEO of EZPR, a Media Relations company based in San Francisco, Boston and Portland. He's written a book called This Is How You Pitch and was named one of Business Insider's Top 10 PR people in tech, as well as one of Adweek's 30 under 30.

For now

Whatever is happening in Bitcoin, it’s happening for now. The Bloomberg article is really great, because it’s suggesting that there won’t ever be another ridiculous bumrush to get money out of cryptocurrency the moment that it spikes again. It entirely doesn’t make sense how/why it spiked back in December, and it seems to be mostly unrelated to actual, real things how high or low it goes. To quote this genius article:

“The story with Bitcoin is pretty straightforward,” said Roger Kay, president of research firm Endpoint Technologies Associates Inc. “It went up fast, and then came down even faster. Consumers who flocked to it late got burned. They are in the shadows now, licking their wounds. And others contemplating how to get rich quick are acutely aware that what goes up can come down, and maybe Bitcoin isn’t the way to go about it.”

It didn’t really go up…that fast? It sort of trundled its way up then crashed really badly. I guess market manipulators could’ve done it. But can they not manipulate a little better? I’d like more money not less money.


The Man who Made the Most Money in the Gold Rush from Bitcoin

War never changes

Bitcoin – A Call to Arms from Bitcoin

I like this guy. He definitely has a normal approach to things and has normal plans for the future, like funding politicians with Bitcoin (?) and run media ads…about…uh, Bitcoin? Also, expose corruption. I think he’s assuming that these people can get together and actually plan something more significant than a post.

Tweets of the week

Every Thursday from now on as I have arbitrarily decided I will be finding the best tweets about Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Content: 10/10

Shame: 0/10

This one is a classic – it’s got Josh Constine, it’s got Ghostface Killah, and it for some reason also has cryptocurrency. It’s a conference called capitalism2050. It’s just so good in every way. Why is Josh opening for him? Is Josh opening for him, in the sense Josh Constine is going to rap? I hope so!

Content: 8/10

Weed: 420/10

I trust Ryan and believe this happened, unlike some tweet scenarios where I do not believe they did. Anyway, I’m still laughing about this guy who is too high to give financial advice.

Content: 1/10

Value: $1,000,000/10

I love this guy! Optimism baby.

Optimism: 0/10

Reality: 100/10

This is what we need to do everyone. Let’s…zap…them back to…something. I don’t know.

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