This article was published on August 25, 2008

Create personalized music video channels with MeeVideo

Create personalized music video channels with MeeVideo
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Ayelet Noff is the Founder and CEO of PR Firm SlicedBrand , a global PR agency headquartered in Europe. Ayelet has 20 years of experience in Ayelet Noff is the Founder and CEO of PR Firm SlicedBrand , a global PR agency headquartered in Europe. Ayelet has 20 years of experience in public relations and marketing. She has successfully led the PR activities of over a thousand technology companies in various fields, including AI, healthtech, blockchain, mobile, cybersecurity, fintech, lifestyle, and many more.

MeeMix, the Tel Aviv-based personalized internet radio community that allows users to create personalized music stations and music video channels, has just announced the launch of MeeVideo, its new personalized music video channel application on Facebook.

Similar to MeeMix’s audio channels, MeeVideo gives users the opportunity to create a personalized music video channel and discover new music that fits their musical taste. Videos are streamed via YouTube. Once you choose your favorite artist, MeeVideo will show you music videos of similar artists that you may like, saving you the hassle of trying to find them yourself. You can personalize your channel even further by marking videos that you like as favorites, blocking videos that you don’t like and skipping over videos that you are indifferent to. MeeVideo only allows users to create one video channel at a time, but users can view an unlimited number of music videos.


MeeVideo discovers personalized music videos based on a unique algorithm that takes into account song parameters and user behavior, determining and personalizing each channel based on the user’s distinct taste in music. According to CEO Gilad Shlang, “The amount of work a user must invest in order to find favorable videos in YouTube or other video applications is overwhelming.” MeeMix is able to provide a service that eliminates the hassle of searching for music videos online, making discovering new music a pleasurable experience.

CenterNetworks writes: “This is certainly an application that can seriously increase the time on site metric for Facebook if they can get a strong userbase.” I agree. I found the application to be totally addictive due to my discovery of many suggested music videos that fit my taste.

The MeeVideo application also has some neat social features. You can choose to share favorite videos with friends or post videos that you like to your mini feed. Additionally, a friend-discovery feature allows you to view other users with similar taste to yours. You can befriend them and view their favorite videos, thereby increasing your ability to discover new music even further. 

MeeVideo is a great example of an application which actually gives users some added value. The only feature I would add is a search mechanism allowing me to find specific songs that I want to listen to and also share with friends. Wouldn’t it be sweeter to receive Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday” song on your birthday than a picture of a flower on your wall?

The MeeVideo application is now available on Facebook and will also soon be available on other social networks such as: Hi5, Bebo, Orkut and MySpace.

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