This article was published on August 30, 2018

Create compelling, engaging infographics and multimedia slides with Visme, now 65% off

Create compelling, engaging infographics and multimedia slides with Visme, now 65% off
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

From business to education, reports and summaries are vital. They’re also deathly boring. If we asked everyone to admit if their eyes occasionally glazed over as they pored over page after page of dense blocks of static text, you would not be the only person raising their hand.

Spicing up flat, uninspired presentations with lively graphics, charts and other visual data is where Visme comes in. Right now, you can lock in a year of their standard plan service at a 65 percent savings, just $49 from TNW Deals.

Visme takes all your dry stats and puts a charge into your documents, converting that raw data into engaging infographics. Just log into the Visme platform and start creating, right in your browser. You can choose from literally hundreds of different templates to present your data, along with millions of photos and icons to customize it virtually any way you want.

Visme is ultra-collaborative, allowing you anyone on your team to make edits and insert multimedia elements like custom audio or video. Content, even text, can come to life via animation or by inserting an assortment of links, transitions and pop-ups.

And once your project is complete, Visme allows you to share it almost anywhere. It’s compatible with all major devices and platforms, allowing you to share your work through a URL link, on your favorite social media account or even as a downloadable element for offline use.

A one-year subscription to Visme usually costs $12 a month, but by getting in on this limited deal offer, you can create loads of Visme visuals for about $4 per month.

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