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This article was published on October 17, 2017

Craft the words to send your business soaring with these copywriting courses — and YOU decide the price

Craft the words to send your business soaring with these copywriting courses — and YOU decide the price
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TNW Deals

Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

Writing takes many different forms. While novels and poems and other flowery prose get the lion’s share of attention, don’t overlook the craft necessary to write effective words that grab a reader’s eye or help a customer decide to buy. One part science, one part salesmanship and one part armchair psychologist, contouring just the right words to advocate a brand message and convert interest into dollars is 100 percent harder than it looks.

You can help find the right words — and get some critical social media education, to boot — with the Marketing Copywriter bundle of courses, which you can score from TNW Deals right now at any price you want to pay.

Since social media represents a growing segment of the modern marketer’s time and effort, this deal starts with a pair of courses aimed at boosting your Facebook and Twitter game. With the Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses Course and the Twitter Marketing for Small Businesses Course, you’ll go deep inside the world’s two most dominant social media brands — and unlock the facets of each that can help build your business or brand.

You can get these two courses by paying any price at all.

Now that you can integrate social media into your messaging, you can get into the core of marketing effectiveness with the rest of this bundle. Just match the average price paid by other customers and you’ll also receive three more courses targeting the heart of impactful copywriting.

Effective Copywriting Principles help you identify what makes good copy along with exercises to help you create your own. With Intro to Marketing Analytics, you’ll uncover the secrets of data analysis, using SQL (Structured Query Language) to crunch big number sets and pull meaningful findings from heaps of raw data. Meanwhile, Improve Your Business Writing helps sharpen your prose, allowing you to produce clean, streamlined copy to avoid costly communication errors.

This coursework is valued at almost $300, but you’ll get it for less — a whole lot less — by jumping on this limited time deal before it expires.

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