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This article was published on July 4, 2017

Craft beautiful apps worthy of your great idea with this UI & UX Design Bootcamp

Craft beautiful apps worthy of your great idea with this UI & UX Design Bootcamp
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

Building the perfect app goes way beyond nailing down a million-dollar idea. Put together an app that looks clunky and garish, even if it’s packed with great information, and you’re chasing users away from your product. On the flip side, an ultra-slick app with crummy site navigation also irritates users and, once again, pushes them away from your app.

Aesthetics are important. Rock solid function is important. With that in mind, make sure your web design projects squarely put user interface and user experience front and center with the courses in this UI & UX Design Bootcamp. The full bundle is on sale now for just $39, an over 90 percent savings from its original TNW Deals price.

Your six courses featuring over 39 hours of content will hand you all the UI/UX knowledge you need, including:

Become a Senior UX Design Strategist – a $299 value
Make your UX design skills sing as you understand how to interview users, build bold, new projects from the ground up and cultivate skills for heading up the perfect UX team. This training will give you all the steps you need to put together and execute a top-flight UX strategy.

Rapid Prototyping with Ionic: Build a Data-Driven Mobile App  – a $200 value
This course not only walks you through AngularJS, Cordova, Node.js and other crucial development frameworks, but it focuses your training into the creation of a working and beautifully functioning stock market app.

Android Design: Learn UX, UI and Android Marshmallow – a $199 value
What are the design elements that leap off the screen and fully satisfy user expectations for Android users? This is where you find out. From building design pieces in Photoshop to connecting those segments into a perfect whole in the Android Studio development arena, you’ll know the design and function features that Android fans demand.

How to Build Habit-Forming Products – a $99 value
Hooking a new customer doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth. In fact, you can land a new user for life in just two hours. With this course, you’ll uncover author, speaker, and entrepreneur Nir Eyal’s tried-and-true “Hook Model,” which breaks down how and why users respond favorably or negatively. Armed with that knowledge, you’ll have the keys to crafting user experiences that have them clamoring for more.

Mobile User Experience: The Complete Guide to Mobile – a $99 value
Now that you’ve mastered the look of a beautiful app, time to turn your attention to impeccable app function. This course helps you put together apps from a user perspective by collecting experience data, running pointed usability tests, and experimenting with design elements on your way to building a fundamentally sound piece of programming.

Mobile UI and UX Design Course – a $99 value
User experiences and preferences change with time — as do the ways programmers try to address those user shifts. You’ll develop insight into what UI/UX trends you should adapt into your builds while you learn every facet of creating an appealing app from start to finish.

With these courses, you’ll now have the design and usability features to match your brilliant idea and take your app creations to the next level, as well as prove your programming skills to potential employers or customers.

Usually, this bundle of UI/UX mastery would cost nearly $1,000, but right now, you can up your web design game for only $39 (96 percent off).