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This article was published on August 21, 2020

Could you fill 10TB of cloud storage? With a Degoo Premium subscription, you could find out

Could you fill 10TB of cloud storage? With a Degoo Premium subscription, you could find out
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TLDR: Degoo Premium offers 10TB of premium cloud storage space with robust backup protection across all of your devices.

If there was a single paralyzing fear in the first 20 years of computing, the one that filled both experts and occasional users alike with dread, it was probably the fear of forgetting to back up your work. 

If you didn’t stash critical in-progress work or your gotta-have-em documents to an external hard drive with regularity, there was always the fear that a crash could delete all that valuable data forever.  

Thankfully, the cloud and its automatic backup features have mostly eliminated that primal fear. And with the mammoth 10TB storage stockpile you get with a Degoo Premium Backup Plan, it’s likely you’ll never have to even worry about backups again. Right now, a lifetime of Degoo Premium service is on sale for only $149, a savings of literally thousands off the regular price.

Of course, since most users today are generating much of their content in their smartphones and tablets, Degoo makes it especially easy to sync all of your devices to your cloud account. With their high speed transfers, Degoo lets you save all of your data to your storage space via their ultra-secure 256-bit AES encryption methods.

And Degoo is kidding around when it comes to security. Their Top Secret feature end-to-end encrypts your files with a passphrase that’s known only by you. Your data is encoded into chunks and spread out to data centers in completely different countries. When Degoo says your confidential information is 100% NSA-proof, they mean it.

If you’re someone who forgets to run backups, Degoo also has you covered. Through their mobile app, users can set up automatic updates, which detects any files you’ve changed and sets the new versions to your storage.   

And did we mention this is 10TB of storage space? That’s enough to hold about 2.5 million photos, 2 million songs, or nearly 5,000 hours of HD video. On space alone, Degoo can handle virtually anyone’s storage needs for a very, very, very long time.

 Regularly priced at $3,600, you can get a lifetime of Degoo Premium access to all that storage real estate right now for a fraction of that cost, down to just $149 while this offer lasts.

Prices are subject to change.

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