This article was published on March 17, 2020

Companies use automated systems to find job candidates. With Rezi, you can learn what the machines are looking for.

Companies use automated systems to find job candidates. With Rezi, you can learn what the machines are looking for.
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TLDR: Rezi Résumé Software evaluates your resume and is the only service equipped to help you succeed against automated hiring programs.

A typical hiring manager will only give a resume 10 to 15 seconds of inspection before making a decision about whether the applicant is right for an open job. And 75 percent of applicants end up out of the running based on their resume alone.

That’s a lot of pressure to make sure your resume is 100 percent on point and making the dramatic first impression you need. 

To get your resume hiring manager ready, enlist services like Rezi Resume Software to make sure you’re actually giving yourself the best possible shot at the job you want. Right now, a lifetime subscription to Rezi Resume Pro Software is now over 90 percent off at just $29 from TNW Deals.

Rezi has a resume of their own to back up their effectiveness. Companies like Airbnb, Spotify, Google and Microsoft have hired some of the more than 100,000 job seekers who have relied on Rezi to make their resumes impossible to ignore.

And Rezi doesn’t just leave it up to guesswork either. There’s some hardcore tech wizardry happening when you run your resume past the Rezi system. They are the only resume service using artificial intelligence to work out keywords so your resume stands out with applicant tracking systems (ATS), automated software companies use to pre-screen candidates before a human ever even looks at a resume.

Just enter the job description and Rezi will determine the keywords you need to include in your resume to get high marks from the ATS and get you talking with a flesh and blood person. They can’t guarantee you’ll get the job, but your odds will definitely go up when you’re not getting weeded out immediately by automation.

Once your resume is optimized, you’ll get a Rezi Score, which offers instant analysis of where your resume might stack up. That gives you the chance to make any further changes and set you up in the best possible position to get employed.

A lifetime of access to Rezi Resume Pro coverage is usually a $540 value, but by getting in on this offer now, you can save hundreds, cutting your cost down to only $29.

Prices are subject to change.

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