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This article was published on September 1, 2010

Coming Soon To Target: Facebook Credit Gift Cards

Coming Soon To Target: Facebook Credit Gift Cards

Facebook is coming to a store near you, but not in the the way you had probably expected. No, Facebook is not selling logo emblazoned gear, but will instead begin to hock Facebook Credit gift cards.

Gift cards have become a popular giving option in recent years, providing a simple way to give a present without having to find a specific item that perhaps the recipient will not enjoy.

The Facebook gift cards (pictured below) will be priced in three tiers: $15, $25, and $50. That is quite a few pink tractors in your favorite Facebook game. Target has some 1,750 stores where the cards will be on sale in addition to their website.

Facebook has their eyes on the Holiday sales season: “We think [the cards] will be incredibly popular as a holiday gift,” said the company.

What is the larger picture? Aside from Facebook attempting to dodge all the previous failed digital currencies, Facebook wants to inject as much user cash into their platform as possible. A rising tide lifts all boats, and if Facebook truly does want to slouch towards an IPO, depending on quasi nil advertising rates is not perhaps the most secure business model.

With the Facebook Credits gift cards Facebook will have a brand new income flow that will both aid the company’s bottom line and pad the pockets of the developers that keep the social giant’s terrain fertile and fresh.

Look for them in your locale soon.

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