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This article was published on February 22, 2016

Code your way to a higher paycheck: Javascript & jQuery Front-End Developer Bundle

Code your way to a higher paycheck: Javascript & jQuery Front-End Developer Bundle
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

Behind the Web that you see, there are gears turning and keeping everything running. One of the most important things running behind the scenes is JavaScript, and you can learn the language with the JavaScript and jQuery Front-End Developer Bundle, on sale now!

Over the course of 24 hours of in-depth courses, you’ll learn the concepts of front-end development powered by JavaScript. With this bundle – now 94 percent off from TNW Deals – you’ll have the know-how to excel in any project you can imagine.

The bundle starts with an introduction to JavaScript, taking you through the process of making a functional Web page from scratch. From there you will move on to Advanced JavaScript Programming, where you’ll be able to learn more skills in code manipulation, giving you greater power to perfect the style and tone of the Web pages you design.

Once you’ve tackled the basics of JavaScript you’ll begin training in jQuery, the most popular JavaScript library in use today. The bundle also includes instructions specific to developing mobile websites, an essential skill given that 65 percent of Web traffic is now sourced from mobile.


The benefits of coding are numerous: the ability to design webpages, gain a better understanding of how the digital world is translated into the internet we interact with, and of course adding six-figure value to yourself as a vital company resource.

Taking your first steps can be daunting, but for those up to the task TNW Deals have put together a bundled package of courses to take you from coding rookie to Web developer. Get it now for just $29.

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