This article was published on November 12, 2020

Cloud engineers are making close to $150K a year, here’s how you can train to become one

Cloud engineers are making close to $150K a year, here’s how you can train to become one
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TLDR: The Essential Enterprise Cloud Computing Engineer Bundle offers all the background needed to get started working in the cloud with AWS, Azure, Google, Salesforce and more.

It’s a tried and true story of the tech industry. Even while sectors like cloud computing explode in usage, requiring scores of new cloud engineers and admins to keep it all in line, companies are running up against a major problem.

As tech staffing firm Robert Half International confirms, there just aren’t enough people with the talent to fill those multiplying positions. Meanwhile, cloud engineering sits in Half’s top 5 Highest Paying IT Jobs of 2021 with an average median starting salary of $146,000. And that’s to start.

Opportunities like those in the cloud don’t happen every day. Right now, The Essential Enterprise Cloud Computing Engineer Bundle ($29.99, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals) can provide a well-rounded exposure to the cloud industry that can get new experts hired fast.

This collection runs the gamut, featuring five video courses with almost 24 hours of in-depth instruction. Meanwhile, the package also includes a whole reference library worth of ebooks, 11 in all, examining how to build, manage, protect and grow an organization’s entire digital ecosystem.

The video courses dig deep into all the most popular cloud service providers out there, explaining all the various services, how each operates, and the pluses and minuses of guiding a network on each platform. 

From industry leader Amazon Web Services in AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) to competitors Microsoft Azure (Learning Microsoft Azure: A Hands-On Training) and Google Cloud (Google Cloud Platform For Techs), future cloud engineers get a real feel for how to best serve users in any of these popular realms. There’s even a full exploration of the services provided by business CRM powerhouse Salesforce and their bundle of Salesforce Lightning cloud services.

That, however, is just the start, as the accompanying 11 ebooks flesh out the training with practical strategies for creating and troubleshooting in the cloud. Again, the books offer direct experience with each cloud provider, including practical uses cases in AWS, Azure, Lightning and more.

The retail price of all this video and ebook learning would normally set you back $800, but while this offer lasts, the entire collection is on sale for about $2 each, only $29.99.

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