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This article was published on November 5, 2013

Cloud-based video encoding: It’s all about the speed

Cloud-based video encoding: It’s all about the speed
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The number one concern we hear when talking to potential customers about using our cloud encoding service is speed.

On the surface, one would think that if your encoding and delivery infrastructure is all on-premise, nothing is faster. We don’t agree, and has implemented several features at ingestqueue timeprocessing time, and egress to make our cloud transcoding service the fastest around.

On the ingest, we offer eight global data center locations so you can send your content to the closest location. We also utilize super fast UDP transmissions leveraging Aspera FASP technology. If you are using FTP or Amazon S3, we support multi-threaded transit. Before your content gets processed it has to be queued up. is the only cloud transcoding service that guarantees queue time with our unique-in-the-industry SLA, with an average queue time of 23 seconds.

Let’s talk processing. Need 20 output formats of your source content? No waiting in line. will convert all formats in parallel. We also offer different levels of processor power from our standard 4-core Baseline, to our screaming fast 16-core twin turbo. The fun doesn’t stop with processing times. Your files still need to be delivered somewhere. Don’t worry, has egress covered too. Multi-threaded delivery, Aspera FASP technology, and simultaneous delivery to multiple endpoints will get your files there in a hurry.

Don’t believe us? Check out our encoding speed test, or better yet get your hands dirty with our free test account including your own API key.

Image credit: Gashgeron/Shutterstock