This article was published on September 6, 2021

Clean your ears more safely and efficiently with this smart, WiFi-enabled smart ear cleaner, now at just $25.99

Clean your ears more safely and efficiently with this smart, WiFi-enabled smart ear cleaner, now at just $25.99
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: This Smart Visual Ear Cleaner uses an ultra-nifty HD camera to help take the guesswork out of ear cleaning, all at a Labor Day sale price.

First, a word of warning…don’t ever Google for images of cotton swabs in ears. While it seems harmless enough, there are some graphic pictures that can show exactly what happens if you defy the advice of doctors and go rogue on your ear cleaning tools.

Putting the gruesome aftermath of a cotton swab related ear accident aside, think about what that swab is actually doing when you’re trying to clean your ears. You can’t see a thing, so all it’s really doing is mashing ear wax around in there. Maybe you blindly scrap some out, but what you don’t luckily catch either gets left behind or, more alarmingly, pushed even deeper inside your ear.

The Smart Visual Ear Cleaner ($25.99, over 20 percent off, from TNW Deals) definitely lives up to its name, offering an intelligent approach to the tricky job of clearing obstructions in the ear canal while making sure cleaning goes just the way you expect.

This professional ear cleaner is sporting a 360-degree, 1080p wide-angle HD lens, so for the first time ever, you can actually see inside your ear while you try to clean. Users get a clear streaming view fed wirelessly to your favorite mobile device to help guide the curved silicone scoop toward eliminating every single buildup in your ear.

With your eye on the tool’s progress, there’s no accidental scraping or scratching in your ear canal. Meanwhile, the compact, lightweight implement has a 350mAh battery onboard, capable of remaining charged for up to 45 days of daily use.

While crafted for ear cleaning, this device can also help with all kinds of other body exams that can be tough with limited vision. It’s great for checking your teeth, nasal cavities, throat, scalp roots and other body parts — or even, your pet’s.

The magnetic cap keeps the cleaner protected for easy storage or transport virtually anywhere, along with the IP7 waterproof protection for easy cleaning with water or alcohol.

Regularly priced at $34, the Smart Visual Ear Cleaner is now available at an even lower price, thanks to the current Labor Day sale. On top of the regular savings, the holiday discount drops the final price on this cleaner to just $25.99 for the next few days only.

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