This article was published on April 23, 2021

Cielo Breez Eco brings smart home control to dumb ductless air conditioning units

Cielo Breez Eco brings smart home control to dumb ductless air conditioning units
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TLDR: The Cielo Breez Eco Smart AC Controller turns any ductless, IR-controlled air conditioner into a web-enabled smart cooler controllable through your phone or tablet.

Summer is fast approaching. And the same way we anticipate shorts weather, backyard cookouts, and other rites of the season, many are also bracing for another inevitability of the summer months — trying to adequately cool their home without the benefit of a central air conditioning system.

With central AC, you can attach a smart thermostat, sync it to your phone, and have ultimate control over every aspect of AC use and cost, even when you aren’t home. But if you’re stuck with portable or window mounted air conditioning units…well, you live in an analogy world of buttons and guestimating. 

However, the Cielo Breez Eco Smart AC Controller ($54.40, 45 percent off, from TNW Deals with promo code: WELOVEMOM) can now level the playing field, offering the same smart control features for regulating a central air conditioning system to one of those manual old-school and — pardon the term — dumb AC units.

If your cooling unit works with an infrared-based remote control, it can work with the Breez Eco.

A Wi-Fi enabled, thermostat-like smart controller, Breez Eco connects that remote-controlled cooler to the web, syncing its functions to your very own Cielo Home app to offer users all the cool control abilities enjoyed by those smart home compatible units.

With the app on your phone or tablet, you can control the AC temperature, change between heating or cooling modes, set the fan speed, change the swing position, create your own cooling schedules, and more. 

You can set up the Breez Eco to kick into gear automatically when either the temperature or humidity get too high, or set up geofencing so controls are set up for specific areas of the house. If it turns out your bedroom always gets hotter than the rest of your home, the Breez Eco can help make sure that particular area is also at optimum temperature, particularly before you’re ready to go to bed.

Breez Eco also monitors your AC’s air filter so you’ll know when it’s time to be replaced, and offers usage statistics so you can always see how efficiently or inefficiently your unit is running.

And if you’ve got an Amazon Alexa or Google Home smart assistant, you can start controlling your air conditioner completely via voice commands. 

You can also step up to the Cielo Breez Plus, a unit with all the cool advancements of the Breez Eco, while also incorporating new features like temperature range controls and on-device controls. That makes the Plus the first smart AC controller with actual buttons and a display screen for setting all your important cooling settings manually right into the unit.

Right now, you can get the Cielo Breez Eco Smart AC Controller and save more than $44 off your purchase at only $54.40. Or you can enjoy similar savings by picking up a Cielo Breez Plus for $87.20. Lock in those prices with limited-time promo code: WELOVEMOM. 

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