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This article was published on December 10, 2019

CHEAP: I can’t hear you because there’s $50 off the Bose 700 noise-canceling headphones

CHEAP: I can’t hear you because there’s $50 off the Bose 700 noise-canceling headphones
700 noise-cancelation headphones
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Welcome to CHEAP, our series about things that are good, but most of all, cheap. CHEAP!

Bose released its super popular noise-cancelation headphones, the QuietComfort 35 II in 2017. And for a couple of years, they sat on top of the category, along with the Sony WH-1000Xm3.

So, many fans expected Bose to release a successor to the QC 35 II this year. And the company obliged by launching the Bose 700 in May with brand new design and 11 levels of noise0-cancelation.

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The pair is currently on sale for just $349, down from $399. So, if you’re in the market for top-end wireless noise-cancelation cans, these are the best you can get.

The Bose 700 has touch-based controls to easily manage your music playback. The company claims that the pair will last for 20 hours with active noise-cancelation (ANC) with a single charge.

The newly released pair also supports the Alexa-based command with the push of a button. So, you can get your queries answered without reaching out for your phone. Plus, it tracks ambient noise for better call quality.

Don’t waste your time. Grab this sweet deal and the new Bose 700 noise-cancelation headphones for just $349 ($50 off).

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